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The Blenheim People

The Blenheim, under the command of Captain John Grey, left Greenock in Scotland on 25 August 1840, and arrived in Port Nicholson, New Zealand, on 27 December 1840.  Aboard were Scottish emigrants to the new colony, seeking opportunities for a new life on the other side of the world.

This page provides the record of those who travelled on the Blenheim and links to more information about each of them – where they came from and what happened to them after they reached New Zealand.

The linked pages for each family or individual are limited to them and their immediate family, based only on readily available information; they are works in progress, and may be incomplete or inaccurate.  You are invited to add comments or observations, stories or pictures, either in the comments section for each posting or by emailing blenheim175@gmail.com.

A detailed passenger list and a discussion of the sources consulted is at Blenheim Passenger List.

A summary of Sources used in compiling this information is also provided.

Cabin Passengers

Steerage Passengers