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John Chisholm

John Chisholm appears at the end of the initial list of passenger on the Blenheim, in a group that included some crossed out earlier in the list or put there as late additions.

In the initial list John Chisholm was described as a labourer of 40, and in the other lists as an agriculturalist.

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Although John Chisholm arrived on the Blenheim, he did not stay long in Wellington. Apparently disenchanted with the conditions he found there and the delays that would affect his ability to take up land, he succumbed to promises of better conditions in Tasmania, and left for Hobart on the Lord Sidmouth on 4 February 1841, barely six weeks after arrival.

The New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator of 16 January 1841 stated:

The Lord Sidmouth was sent down to relieve us, not by supplying us with food, but by carrying away our population. A very mean spirit has been exhibited in the attacks made upon this settlement. It might have been expected that a community acting for itself, without any of that extraneous aid generally liberally bestowed by the Government, would have been deemed interesting, and worthy of all the support which could be extended by neighbouring communities of the same parent stock. But though unaided even by sympathy, this settlement has succeeded, is now securely planted, and may treat with contempt the imbecile efforts which have been made, and are making, to injure us.

The Colonial Times of Hobart, in its edition of 23 February 1841, noted that:

The passengers arrived by the Lord Sidmouth, who are about sixty in number, amongst other unfavourable reports state, that, in consequence of the frequency of earthquakes, of which several shocks had been experienced by the settlers since their arrival, they dare not build stone buildings of any size. We were not before aware that the Colony was visited by such a calamity, and we trust the report will turn out to be unfounded. We give it, however, as we received it; and shall be most happy to have it in our power to contradict the assertion.

The newspaper also published the list of passengers who arrived on the Lord Sidmouth on 19 February, who included “J Chisom” (and also Dr Campbell, Dr Sutherland, and others who may also have been Blenheim passengers).

The New Zealand Clan Chisholm Society, in its Newsletter #47, August 2009, noted that John Chisholm never returned to New Zealand, ending his days on the goldfields of Ballarat.