The following is a non-exhaustive account of the main sources used in compiling the information on the website.

Public Records

New Zealand:

  • New Zealand BDM records, searchable indexes free but inflexible search terms, details of registrations are subject to a high fee.
  • Archway at Archives New Zealand, military records (WW1 available online) and indexes of other official records.
  • New Zealand cemetery records on City and District Council websites – gateway through Christchurch Library website


Reports, Letters, Diaries and Memoirs
  • Jessie Campbell’s Journal, now available on this website
  • Jessie Campbell’s Letters, available in Clan Cameron newsletters and now on this website.
  • Margaret Perry Diaries, Whanganui Regional Museum Collection
  • Alexander MacDonald: My Story, transcribed by Michael Fowler, National Library of New Zealand.
  • Napier Commission, documents at the University of the Highlands and Islands, and those relating to the Isle of Skye also available at  This is the 1884 report of a Committee of Inquiry into the Conditions of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands.
  • John Cameron Letters – Letters of John Cameron of Callart, “Marangai”, Wanganui, New Zealand, 1854-1892, transcribed by the Alexander Turnbull Library, May 1952, from originals made available by Dr Elspeth Fitzgerald of Oamaru, edited by Ann Newman.
Books – Scotland
  • The Statistical Accounts of ScotlandUniversity of Edinburgh, EDiNA website. Parish reports for the whole of Scotland for 1791-99 and 1834-45, often prepared by the parish minister, and covering agriculture, education, trades, religion and social customs.
  • Morvern Transformed, Philip Gaskell, 1968.  Social and economic change in the Highland parish of Morvern in the nineteenth century.
  • Bygone Lochaber, Somerled MacMillan, 1971.  A history of the Lochaber region and the clans living there.
  • The Camerons, John Stewart, 2nd ed. 1981.  A history of Clan Cameron.
  • Cameron Memorial Inscriptions in Lochaber, William A Cameron, 2005. Records of all Camerons referred to on headstone inscriptions and monuments in the principal burial grounds of the Lochaber heartland.
Books – New Zealand


  • Blenheim, Greenock 25 August 1840, Kaiwharawhara 27 December 1840, Donald D Cameron, 1990. An illustrated account of the voyage of the Blenheim and the settlement at Kaiwharawhara.
  • Unpacking the Kist, Brad Patterson, Tom Brooking and Jim McAloon, 2013.  An inter-disciplinary study of Scottish migration, cultural adaptation and legacy in New Zealand.
  • From Alba to Aotearoa, Rebecca Lenihan, 2015. A profile of New Zealand’s Scots migrants 1840-1920.
  • New Zealand Wars: A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period: Volume 1: 1845-1864, James Cowan, 1922, available online at the Victoria University NZETC website.
  • Brave Days, Women’s Division of the NZ Farmers’ Union, 1939.  A collection of stories and memories of the early days of New Zealand settlement, contributed by members of the Women’s Division of the Farmers’ Union


  • The Cyclopedia of New Zealand Wellington Provincial District and Canterbury Provincial District available online at the Victoria University NZETC website
  • The Beach Highway, Paul Melody, 2004, stories of the early settlers of the Rangitikei district.
  • Early Rangitikei, J G Wilson, 1914, available online at The Internet Archive, “A few notes, collected from various sources of the settlement on the Rangitikei River of a number of Maoris of different tribes. A short history of the purchase and colonization of the land between the Turakina and Oroua Rivers, and an account of the various pioneers.”
  • Rangitikei: The Day of Striding Out, S G Laurenson, 1979. A history of Rangitikei County.
  • From Sand to Papa, Rex H Voelkerling and Kevin L Stewart, 1986. A history of Wanganui County.
  • Lakes District of Wanganui, Marie Leslie, 1990.  A history of the people and places associated with the Kaitoke area of Wanganui.
  • Early Wellington, Louis E Ward, 1928, reproduced 1975, available online at the Victoria University NZETC website. “This work is an endeavour on my part to compress into one volume, events that occurred in the New Zealand Company’s first settlement in New Zealand between the years of 1839 to 1850, with additional chapters containing a few incidents occurring up to the year 1870.”
  • The Streets of My City, F L Irvine-Smith, 1948, available online through Wellington City Libraries. The book records and explains Wellington street names and their associations.
  • Tawa Flat and the Old Porirua Road 1840-1955, Arthur Carmen, 1956
  • The Early Canterbury Runs, L G D Acland, 1930, 4th ed. 1975, available online at the Victoria University NZETC website. A history of the early pastoral runs of Canterbury.

Family Stories:

  • Poyntzfield, Rob Knight, 1975, a history of the family of Thomas Urquhart McKenzie and Margaret Fraser of Lower Rangitikei.
  • Pukehou, Ian Clapham, 1996. A history of the family of Duncan Fraser and Marjory Fraser of Lower Rangitikei.
  • The Sutherlands of Ngaipu, Alexander Sutherland, 1947. A history of the Sutherland family of Lyall Bay and Ngaipu, Wairarapa.
  • Morvern to Glenmorven, Frank Fyfe and Bebe Douglas, 2000. A history of the family of Hugh Morrison and Anne Turner of Wairarapa.
  • The Camerons of Kaiwarra, M J Ulyatt, 2009. A history of the family of Donald Cameron and Christina McLean of Kaiwarra and Wairarapa.
  • The Camerons of “Springhill”, Norman Cameron, 2009. A history of the family of Allan Cameron and Jessie Grant of Pencarrow and Wairarapa.
  • A McKenzie Family 1840-1990: from Argyll to Wairarapa, New Zealand, Nancy Minton, 1990. A history of the family of Hugh McKenzie and Catherine McDonald of Wairarapa.
  • The Sons and Daughters, Shona McRae, 1991. A history of the family of John MacFarlane and Catherine Cameron of North Canterbury.
  • Hardy Highlanders in New Zealand, Jennifer Macdonald, 1991. A history of the family of John MacFarlane and Catherine Cameron of North Canterbury.
  • A History of the McFarlanes of Letter in Port of Menteith, Katherine Agnes Macfarlane, 1933. A history of the family of John MacFarlane and Catherine Cameron of North Canterbury.
Universities, Libraries and Museums
  • Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Electronic Text Collection, significant New Zealand and Pacific Island texts and materials held by Victoria University of Wellington Library.
  • Otago University, Hocken Library.  The collections include books, ephemera, posters, newspapers, journals, music, maps, archives, manuscripts, photographs, paintings, drawings and film, relating  to the history and culture of New Zealand, the Pacific and Antarctica, with a special emphasis on the Otago and Southland regions of New Zealand.
  • Wanganui Library, including the digital collection Ripples of the Past.
  • Masterton District Library and Archive: Includes the Heritage collection with a searchable archive of material relating to Wairarapa’s heritage; Pictures Wairarapa, a searchable archive of photographs relating to the Wairarapa district; and Wairarapa Stories with links to stories about the district.
Genealogy Websites
Other Online Resources

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