John MacFarlane

John MacFarlane was a cabin passenger on the Blenheim.

The Glasgow Herald account of the departure of the Blenheim in its issue of 28 August 1840 noted that Mr John M’Farlane of Paisley was one of the cabin passengers.

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In Jessie Campbell’s Journal of the voyage, John MacFarlane was described as “very stout”, and “a great, vulgar, harmless beast of a man.” On 18 November 1840 she noted, “Mr Macfarlane absent again today I hear his illness is occasioned by his being quite drunk in his cabin last night,” and two days later, “Mr Macfarlane obliged to go to bed before dinner again, his mind they say is not quite right. Dr Campbell says it is a slight attack of delerium tremens.” Over the next few days she reported on John MacFarlane’s paranoia over losing his land deeds, and claims of theft of his clothes, and thereafter the Journal notes his progress or lack of it in regaining good health.

At one point in her Journal, Jessie Campbell notes that J.B.S. (Mrs MacDonald) took a great deal of interest in John MacFarlane because he was “the only other lowlander on board”, apart from the captain. On 6 December 1840 Jessie Campbell reported, “Poor Macfarlane consulting Capt Gray what he could advise him to do on arriving in N Zealand; thought himself his best plan would be to marry some decent well-behaved woman that would take care of him, he was afraid he could have no choice but to take one of the emigrants, a great deal of laughing and joking about this after dinner today.”

No further information has been established for John MacFarlane.


One thought on “John MacFarlane”

  1. “No further information has been established for John MacFarlane.”

    MacFarlane links up with North Canterbury history. But you’ve also covered lots about him by including his wife, Catherine Cameron, as told about on your other page about her family.

    I wonder if this family comes up to your anniversaries?

    More about John here..


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