John Turner

The embarkation list for the Blenheim listed John Turner as a mason aged 21; the next list described him as a labourer of 20; while in the arrival list he is a mason with his age given as 30, and the comment made in relation to him, Daniel McCollsty and Alexander Grant, all with an age of 30, “What is the [truth] the ages are not given here.”

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A John Turner, a tailor, was already resident and operating his business in Wellington before the arrival of the Blenheim.  There were two John Turners in the jury lists for Port Nicholson in 1845-1850: John Turner, tailor, Willis St (1845) Lambton Quay (1847); and John Turner, shoemaker, Pipitea (1845), Willis St (1847), River Hutt (1849).

A John Turner, along with a James Turner and others, was a steerage passenger on the Thames, which left Wellington for California in February 1850.

No further information has been confirmed for John Turner.


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