George Ross

George Ross was listed as a blacksmith aged 21 in the Blenheim passenger lists.  His name appeared at the end of the embarkation list, after the Paisley families, but it is not clear if he was from Paisley himself.

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George Ross and Annie Hogg

George Ross married Ann Hogg on 30 December 1842 in Wanganui.  It is probable that this is the marriage mentioned in Jessie Campbell’s letter of 4 December 1842 to her sister Isabella, when  referring to the difficulty in obtaining good servants:

I fear I shall be obliged to make this a shorter letter than usual. When I tell you my reason you will not complain, for the last fortnight I may say I have had no servants, the damsel I’ve had since coming here chose to get a beau and left me at 10 minutes notice to prepare for her marriage. I cannot get her place supplied here, the only help I have is from a smart little girl about 12 years old who comes in every evening. You may believe I have very little time –I have tried to write at night when all were gone to rest but felt so sleepy and tired I was obliged to give it up. I wrote some time ago to Wellington, I hope Mrs. McDonald has succeeded in getting a servant for me, the one I had was a most ill tempered gypsy and she is to be married to an excellent steady tradesman, a blacksmith who came out in the Blenheim. I often think what a host of admirers Flora Kennedy would have here—where such drabs get good husbands.

Ann Hogg may well have been the Ann Hogg, aged 17, who arrived in Wellington on the Arab on 15 June 1841, in the company of her parents John Hogg, 37, and Elizabeth Hogg, 39, and her brother John Hogg, 15.

George Ross, a blacksmith, died on 14 April 1870 at Greymouth, aged 51.  The Grey River Argus, of14 April 1870 reported that, “A man named Ross, a blacksmith at Nelson Creek, who has been suffering from swamp fever for some time past, was last right brought down by his mates, and admitted to the Hospital here.”   It appears that George Ross may have been looking for work in the goldfields, while his family stayed in Wanganui.  An advertisement which ran in the Wanganui Herald from 16 April to 3 May 1870 carried the Notice:

BY DEED, bearing date the 16th March, 1870, I, George Ross, of Nelson Creek, in the County of Westland, revoked the power of Attorney given by me to Henry Williams, of Wanganui, horse-dealer, and I hereby warn all persons that the said Henry Williams has no longer my power to act as my agent or otherwise. GEORGE ROSS. Signed by the said George Ross, in the presence of JOHN D. ROBB, M.D.F.R.C.S., Edinburgh.

George and Ann had at least five children:

  • Elizabeth Ross, born in 1843, died in 1931, married (1) Robert Day in 1861, (2) John Champion Young in 1869.
  • George McGregor Ross, born in 1845, died in 1910, married (1) Frances Trice in 1869, (2) Caroline Sancto in 1872.
  • Ann Munro Ross, born in 1847, died in 1873, married Harry Orlando Williams in 1870.
  • Isabella Rosetta Agnes Ross, born in 1849, died in 1910, married Richard O’Halloran Albert Ross in 1869.
  • John Hector Ross, born in 1851, died in 1940.


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